Water Filtration and Treatment

Water Softening

Hard water is contaminated with minerals like lead, limestone, sulfur and calcium. These contaminants will eventually produce scale, damage the chrome and stain the porcelain of all your plumbing fixtures. This scale will also form on the inside of your pipes and appliances thus reducing the efficiency and life cycle of washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, ice makers, etc.

You can protect your pipes and fixtures with a high quality water softener. They are available in sizes to fit any residential or commercial application. Proper installation and maintenance of a water softener will prolong the life and efficiency of plumbing systems and appliances as well as remove many unwanted contaminants from your drinking water supply.

Backflow Prevention Testing

We are NYS certified to test RPZ valves and Backflow Preventers.


Adding a water filter to your plumbing system can help reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors, metallic flavors, cloudiness and discoloration. Water filters decrease waterborne rust and sediments that can damage pipes and appliances. Our filters feature strong and durable construction, weather resistant enclosures and user-friendly controls.

UV treatment: Our residential UV systems destroy potentially harmful microorganisms in your water supply. These premium systems monitor water quality on a continuous basis ensuring proper UV dosing. Built in status and alarm systems ensure optimum lamp efficiency.

Reverse Osmosis: Bottled water quality at a fraction of the cost! Clean delicious water, on tap. Easy Installation. Monitors and ensures water quality.

Water Tanks: The water tank is an integral part of most residential water systems.  It is the part of the well system that stores and delivers the water to the home.  The tank uses air pressure in a chamber or diagram to push the water to where it is needed. 

Often, low water pressure issues are related to your tank. Older tanks are inefficient at maintaining proper pressure. They may have ruptured bladders, be filled with sediment or rust. Our trained technicians can diagnose tank problems and recommend upgrades if needed.

 We also install storage tank systems.  These are tanks that hold larger quantities of unpressurized water.  The tanks get filled by your well at a slower rate and allow long periods of rest for the well and pump system.  The water in the tanks is then distributed by a booster pump at high pressure.  This allows you to use to full yield of the well.  Storage tanks are a good option for low producing wells.

If your well cannot keep up with your demand or you have low pressure, we can offer the optimum size tank to meet your household usage.  This includes multi-tank systems and storage/booster systems, so you’ll never run out again.

Well Pumps:

  • Well pump repair
  • Well pump service
  • Well pump installation and replacement
  • Submersible pumps


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